Librarian Stock Photos

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Sense and Sensibility

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Mary Stuart

Philadelphia Artists Collective April 2014

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lilly for city kitties

lilly needs a home

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armed america

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Theater Portfolio

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Romeo and Juliet 2013

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locust moon 2012-12-16 drink and draw

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hurricane sandy

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Childe Byron Dress

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childe byron

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Amanda Palmer TLA 90 Second Portraits

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2010-2011 Favorites

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scp merry wives

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iPhone - printable

Photos taken with my iPhone 4

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curio the tempest

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The Drowning Girl: A Memoir

Images inspired by the Caitlin R. Kiernan novel.

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gallery 2

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pardon my invasion

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Curio Theatre's 2011 production of Sarah Rule's Eurydice

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Turn of the Screw

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much ado about nothing

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Gallery 1

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My Smug Mug

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The Day My Grandmother Exploded

Photos taken with a Leica Digilux 4:3 based on quotations from novels ...

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Leaving Dakota

Leaving Dakota was shot on November 20, 2010 with a 1.3 megapixel 1998 ...

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4x6 prints

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iPhone Images

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Your Bio

(From his book jacket) "Born in a birch bark canoe in 1966, the son of a Yanammi indian and an American anthropologist, Kyle Cassidy made his first camera out of hollowed bamboo at the age of 12 after reading about photography in a copy of _Boys Life_ given to him by a missionary. His first photographs of the Amazon rain forests received critical acclaim from tourists and drug runners and soon he ached to leave the moist jungles for the city life in America. Several years in front of a television watching "Beavis and Butthead" taught him what he knows of life in America and he found himself rapidy acclimated to society. He currently resides in Philadelphia where he trains monkeys part time while working on a line of duck calls carved from the tusks of endangered black rhino horns. Despite numerous requests, he does not photograph weddings, but please drop him a line if you're having unnecessary surgery."